As opposed to an outsourced Architect handing off responsibility to a Builder, our Design team is an in-house part of Milestone Builders. The relationship between the people that do our designing, estimating, and sales and the Production crew that puts the sticks and bricks together is one of coworkers, all with the same mission to complete your project to the utmost satisfaction.

There are notable benefits to having an in-house team working with you in every step of the way. No waiting on answers to questions when they come up. Production and Design collaborate on all parts of the process, making each better for the daily integration. There is clear communication between the channels on product lead times, permitting processes, change orders, and crew scheduling.

design build by our local professionals in Annapolis, MD

You dream it.

It all begins with an idea. Then a conversation. "Hey, what if we..."

Perhaps your life or lifestyle calls to some changes in the home that you love. Instead of selling and moving, the right move can often be to make the change you want without giving up your neighborhood.

We build it.

Milestone Builders has the skill, experience, and contacts to bring any building project to fruition. Instead of a cookie cutter finished product, you are in charge or what goes into your home. Whether you are overjoyed at letting your creativity flourish, or if you need some recommendations on what is actually as good as claimed in the wild world of building products, Milestone Builders as your Design Build Firm will make sure that you're in awe of the craftsmanship and attention to detail in our work for you.

You love it.

Perhaps you fell out of love with your home.

Maybe you're in need of a completely new vision for your home or just a simple refresh would do the trick.

Don't let that stop you from experiencing a renewed passion for the most important plot of land in your life. With numerous repeat clients and referrals, Milestone Builders delivers in the ways that matter to your entire experience with our knowledgeable team.